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Demisexual Flag

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      • Premium Quality: double-strength fabric
      • Print on both sides
      • HD screen printing: intense colors, exceptional rendering 
      • Respect for Demisexual rights
      • Flag for Demisexual people
      • Colors: Black,  White, Purple, Grey
      • Discreet package: No reference to the LGBT movement
      • Reinforced grip strip: allows the suspension of the flag
      • 2 x solid metal eyelets (brass)
      • Dimensions: 90 x 150 cm
      • Composition: 100% ultra-resistant polyester
      • Machine washable at 86°F
      • Standard delivery: Offered

    LGBT Flag: Demisexual

    Get the flag that fits you and wear it proudly at your city's Pride or even hang it on your bedroom wall. Don't forget that pride is something to be worn and that's how you support the LGBT community in your own way by waving your Demisexual flag!

    What is the meaning of the different colors of the Demisexual Flag?

    On this Demiasexual Flag, black, gray and purple represent asexuality, gray-sexuality and the ace community respectively, the only difference from the flag of asexuality is the white, which represents allies, while the white represents sexuality on the flag of asexuality.

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