Pride Pins

 Our Rainbow pins

Discover in this collection the way to wear the rainbow colors of your flag on all your clothes. With our community pins, you can now wear your colors proudly every day. An opportunity to show your commitment to our movement and add a touch of color to each of your outfits.

 Wear yours Lgbt Pins

All members of the LGBT community are looking for a way to show their commitment to the movement they are in. Wearing a pride flag pin is an effective and simple way to tell everyone who looks at your outfit that you are not ashamed of who you are and that you embrace it fully. It is also a way to show those who feel alone or rejected that you are there for them, we are all one!

Gay Pride Pins

Whether it's for a special event like pride or to wear every day, a pin is essential when you are a member of the LGBT community. This accessory with rainbow colors allows to show to those who criticize the LGBT movement that this one will not have an end as long as our rights are not respected.

Pride Flag Pins

One pin for each identity. Yes, the LGBT community is one, but we are all different. That's why you'll find here a pin for each sexual orientation and gender! You are transgender, pansexual? or maybe Non Binary, aromantic? Your pin is waiting for you! Proudly wear the colors of what defines you and support the LGBT movement in your own way!

 Top 5 reasons to wear a Pride Pin

Here are 5 reasons why you should support your community with these little accessories!

  • Was created at the foot of a rainbow
  • Premium quality: ultra resistant
  • Does not sting the skin
  • Composition: 3D printing for a beautiful rendering
  • Highlights your membership in the LGBT community
  • LGBT Certified: This product is Mixed
  • Hand washable
  • Standard delivery: Offered

Well, yes, we lied. There are only 5 more reasons, but now the question is: what are you waiting for? 🏳️‍🌈

29 products

29 products