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Are you a community member or ally who wants to proudly wear the colors of the LGBT flag? No need to look any further, welcome to our gay pride store which offers a wide range of pride clothings & accessories.

Become an active lgbt member and add the colors of the flag that suits you on all your everyday outfits and for your next gay pride! Participate in the fight against homophobia like our lgbt clothing store by wearing your rainbow colored products with pride. Discover now all the products of your community on our Pride store


The LGBT store Welcome to LGBTQ flag store! We've been waiting for a while you know! Indeed, after bringing together thousands of Lesbian, Transgender, Non Binary, Pansexual and many more members of the LGBT community. Instead of wearing black and white you might enhance your style varing the colors, to be unique! Here you can find a wide range of items focused on the "LGBT" theme (Lgbt Clothes, Flags, Accessories...). Of course, our models follow your desires that's why we regularly propose new products. It is therefore the opportunity to come daily to see our new products! Let's become a little serious ! Despite the current situation, Proud LGBT continues to deliver in all countries world wide its products FREE OF CHARGE. And if your parcel encounters difficulties with the delivery? We send back a second parcel (at our expense), no excuse not to receive his LGBT Flag! Have we made the tour of the owner? Great, we can only invite you to take a tour of our site. For all partnership requests, please go to the "contact us" section or directly to mail.com. Take care Proud LGBT®

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It is by constantly witnessing inappropriate remarks, denigrating acts or violence from homophobic people that this store was born. Between pride clothes to proudly show his pride to be a LGBT member and show his belonging to the rainbow community or pride accessories to complete our most simple outfits, discover a real commitment to our site and the movement it defends.

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Even though many people are now aware of the LGBT+ movement, many do not know where these letters come from, here is a little reminder.

- L for Lesbian: A lesbian is a homosexual woman. It is a woman whose sexual desire is directed exclusively towards people of the same sex. A lesbian is a woman who is emotionally and sexually attracted to other women.

- G for Gay: A gay person is a male homosexual. It is a man whose sexual desire is directed exclusively toward people of the same sex. A gay man is a man who is emotionally and sexually attracted to other men.

- B for bisexual: A bisexual person is a man or a woman. It is a man (or woman) whose sexual desire is directed toward people of the same or opposite sex. A bisexual is a person who is emotionally and sexually attracted to one person, not one sex.

- Transgender T: A transgender person adopts the appearance and lifestyle of a different sex than the one they were born with. Whether born male or female, a transgender person changes or rejects their original gender identity. The sex registered on his or her civil status does not correspond to the appearance he or she gives off. The transgender person presents a transsexualism without necessarily going through surgery to change sex. This is called transgenderism or transgenderism.

Pride Clothing

A selection of clothing in the colors of the LGBT community (Lesbian, Transgender, Pansexual, Aromantic ...) to support members and offer the opportunity to proudly wear the colors and values of the Pride movement. By offering non-gender specific clothing, we also fight against the "only two genders" ideas that would exist and allow each member of our community to be dressed the way they want without worrying about whether each product is adapted (or not) to their native gender.

Pride Accessories

Apart from the pride flag, find a large number of accessories with the colors of the flags of the LGBT community (Genderfluid, Intersex, Lesbian, Bear Brotherhood...) on our online store. Whether it's to add a rainbow touch to your outfit or to offer to a member of the community, it's a way to proudly wear the values we share with our movement. Discover in our collections bracelets, necklaces, pins, socks, tote bags etc...