Invisible Pride Socks
Invisible Pride Socks
Invisible Pride Socks
Invisible Pride Socks
Invisible Pride Socks
Invisible Pride Socks
Invisible Pride Socks

Invisible Pride Socks

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    • Was created at the foot of a rainbow
    • Premium quality: embroidered to be nice and sweet
    • Composition: 100% Polyesther 
    • Does not scratch
    • Highlights your membership in the LGBT community
    • This product is Mixed
    • M achine washable at 86°F
    • Standard delivery: Offered

    Invisible Pride: Socks

    AIn everyday life, at home or on the beach, add the colors of your rainbow community flag to your clothing style! Wearing these Invisible Pride Socks is a way to affirm your presence in the LGBT movement. It's also a way to show your pride in being who you are without being afraid of how others will look at you. 

    Pair of Socks for the Gay Pride

    Join our active members who are fighting against homophobia and for our rights. By wearing the LGBT colors with these Invisible Pride Socks you are participating in your own way to the evolution of mentalities and support those of us who feel alone! 


    Style of the Socks: High with LGBT colors

    LGBT+ community: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and other sexual orientations & attractions

    The LGBT universe is not present enough on this Socks according to you? Wait until you see our Lesbian Socks made at the foot of a rainbow! These two products are part of our Pride Socks that includes all the colors of the community! And if you're looking for more colors, check out our Pride Accessories 🏳️‍🌈