Gender Fluid Bracelet
Gender Fluid Bracelet
Gender Fluid Bracelet

Gender Fluid Bracelet

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      • Premium Quality: double-strength fabric
      • Finitions made to the man
      • Respect for Aromantic rights
      • Bracelet for Gender Fluid people
      • Discreet package: No reference to the LGBT movement
      • Modular size
      • Composition: synthetic leather
      • Can be washed by hand
      • Standard delivery: Offered

    Pride Bracelet: Gender Fluid

    Use this Genderfluid Bracelet to support the rainbow flag community! Show your allegiance to the movement and support members who need reassurance that they are not alone!

    What is the meaning of the different colors of the Gender Fluid Bracelet?

    On this Gender Fluid Pride Bracelet, the pink represents femininity, the white all genders, the purple femininity and masculinity, the black orientation and the blue masculinity.

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