Free Pride Flag

Gets your Free Pride Flag?

You want to proudly wear your colors by carrying a pride flag? The lesbian? transgender? or asexual flag perhaps? What if we offered it to you? The flag and the shipping costs, 100% free directly delivered to your home? Is that what you want? Jess, our social network manager may have something for you..🌈

Free pride flag and free shipping

If you want to have a flag with the colors of the rainbow, it means that you are a member of the LGBT community and especially committed! This is a good thing because it is one of the conditions to be able to order a lgbt flag without paying the shipping costs! Because yes, the flags are offered to the most committed members!

Get my Pride Flag Free

To have your pride flag offered, you must be an exclusive member of the LGBT community and an ambassador of our brand. Please note that you are eligible to receive the flag as soon as you meet these two conditions! If you are here, you already meet the condition of being a member of the LGBT community ✅, now you need to become a Pride Flag Ambassador!
To do so, you just have to send us an email explaining why we should choose you as an ambassador and representative of our brand! You can send your email by clicking here