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We make sure that the quality of our products is optimal and this is reflected in customer reviews. We also make sure that our customers' data is always well protected with the help of our professional partners ( Stripe / Paypal ).  Delivery is always guaranteed with our partner. We work with transport companies throughout Europe and the World to ensure free, guaranteed and secure delivery.   

Our team takes care of the Customer Service itself to ensure optimal help and satisfaction in case of questions or problems and guarantees you an answer within 24 hours!Our lgbt store is one of the most trendy at the moment! We are constantly coming out with clothes to complete your look and develop your style with lgbt colors.Thank you all for trusting us and helping us to grow the brand exponentially. Sincerely, Pride Flag Team.

YOU 🏳️‍🌈

I will never again hide the true person I am! Wearing my colors gives me confidence, I know it, I feel it.

Los Angeles

This is my favorite store to go to when I need to find an outfit for my prides or evenings out with friends!