Asexual Flags

The Asexual flag is an important symbol of asexual identity, representing a sexual orientation where an individual does not experience sexual attraction towards other people. The Asexual flag consists of four horizontal stripes of different colors, each with a unique meaning. The colors are black, gray, white, and purple.

The black stripe represents the absence of sexual attraction, while the gray stripe represents fluctuating, rare, or low libido. The white stripe represents sexual attraction to people without regard to gender or for people of any gender, also known as pansexuality. Finally, the purple stripe represents the asexual community as a whole, as well as a commitment to visibility and recognition of this sexual orientation.

The Asexual flag is an important symbol for people who identify as asexual, as it allows them to feel understood and recognized. The Asexual flag is often used at community events, gatherings, and protests in support of recognition of asexuality as a valid sexual orientation.

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1 product