The 5 Lesbian Flags

The 5 Lesbian Flags


    The Proud LGBT team has asked itself a lot about the differentiation between the different flags of the lesbian community. Here is a summary of the definitions of the different lesbian flags, it's up to you to choose the one that best suits you!

    Lesbian Pride Flag

    The Lesbian Rainbow Pride Flag is composed of two interlocking Venus symbols (also called female sex symbols), placed against the bars of the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag.

    Lesbian Feminist Flag

    The black triangle in the middle of the Lesbian Feminist Flag is a reminder of the oppression suffered by lesbians during the Third Reich (Nazi German state). Lesbians were forced to wear this black fabric triangle on their clothes.

    Lesbian lipstick flag

    The lesbian lipstick flag is there to remind that the lesbian community is not composed only of male women despite some clichés.

    Lesbian flag (before 2018)

    The pre-2018 Lesbian Flag was highly contested by a large part of the lesbian community because it was too pink, which did not allow male lesbians, butch, and afab (assigned girls at birth) butch, and afab (assigned girls at birth) people with a non-conforming gender expression to feel represented by this flag. Moreover, there was a controversy around the creator of this flag (racist, transphobia...).

    Lesbian flag (since 2018)

    This New Lesbian Flag was created by @sadlesbeandisater and simplified by @taqwomen. It allows for the inclusion of transgender female persons, which the previous flag did not do because the positioning of its creator was against the idea of including non cisgender women in the lesbian community.

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